Since I'm exceptionally fatigued right now, and am quite out of it, I thought I'd post this with no regards to physics or fiscal feasability.

The vertical structure could be narrower on the faces, allowing for one block wide by one half block deep apartment complex, backed by two quarter block faced veggie towers(That's their name now. Veggie towers are cool). Steel core structure with steel support beams framing out platforms, each panel made of clear solid material(ever been to the grand canyon? Stand on the glass platform over it). Follow this up with fiber optic or cylindrical glass tubing to draw light from the roof and faces of the towers up and down through each floor. And have a glass water resevoir on top for a gravity feed nutrient enriched hydroponic gardening solution.

That said, I am all for keeping the farms on farmland, as opposed to city skyscrapers. Sleepy time is now.