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Personally, I'm cheering for Castaras of the Stompy Barbarians!
Crazy to see TBF the cleric betrayed again!
But good job to see the Guild of Cowardly Clerics survive to this point.
I'm a little bit bothered that the highest rank member of Those Who Will Surely Die is the The Grimmace who gained his status via the Inactivity Demon
You could exclude him because of Inactivity

End of Round 12

As one after the other thumb is turning down Castaras is taking the advantage of the first strike and stabs Reinholdt. And surprisingly she stabs really good with her great axe, cutting 1d20=13 points out of the cleric. Reinholdt himself, still blessed from the dead TBFProgrammer, hacks back with his dagger, causing 1d20+5=20 points damage.

The table after this round:

{table=head]Name | Class | HP | state
Castaras | Barbarian | 7 |
Reinholdt | Cleric | 9 | blessed till round 13

The audience cheers and applauds for the two contestants and if the dice isn't very kind the next round should be the last.

The Beginning of Round 13

Here's the initiative roll:

1d20=4, 1d20=12

And the table for the next round:

{table]Name | Class | HP | state | Initiative
Reinholdt | Cleric | 9 | blessed till round 13 | 12
Castaras | Barbarian | 7 | | 4

I will update when I have all the actions OR after two days... I think I can guess the actions but there is still the chance of Inactivity slumbering out there.