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Rowan Cabin - Living Room

"Oh, I've been alright. Just a little bored," Patty admits with a smile of her own, going to give Julie a quick - but non-TK-disrupting - hug. "So how are the twins? Still keeping you frazzled?" she asks teasingly.
Rowan Cabin

Julie's focus isn't on the telekinesis, but the knife is still doing its job. She makes sure to squeeze Patty back extra tight in response, "Surprisingly not. They're getting less harrowing to deal with every day, even if Scylla keeps insisting on getting into trouble. If you're bored though, you're always welcome to drop by and say hello to anyone here."

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[Rowan Cabin - Kids' Room]

Nicholas walks up to Scylla and nuzzles her hand a little, looking up at her. The two babies do smell weird but he's used to strange smells. And there are pets to be had.
Sophie, meanwhile, crouches and looks at the two far-children and her cat.
"Yes, he is. I got him a while ago as my pet. Isn't he great?" she asks with an encouraging smile.
Rowan Cabin - Kids' Room

Scylla nods happily as she runs her fingers through the cat's fur, agreeing with Sophie on that point in full. Prism just holds out a single finger in front of Nicholas' nose, timid and unsure of how to react.