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actually, had some stuff worth asking you about there.

There are some things in the game which belie my limited understanding. For one, officer Presley in ME1 seems to have gone from seaman to officer, having skipped most or all of NCO. I was always told that if you didn't go in as an officer you weren't going to be one (granted, my friends tend towards lazy "tell me who to shoot boss" kinda soldiers). Can you go from enlisted/NCO to officer? Just gotta get a degree, pass some tests, or?

Also, do you have any idea what the other alphanumeric categorizations are? N is special forces. what about the other 25? They stand in for MOS, so it's possible to find cognates there, but have only basic understanding of the attributes. And what does special forces consist of? Seriously? I've heard from fanboys who treat SF operatives like anime fans treat ninjas, I've heard from enlisted who treat them as arrogant jerks with a slightly tougher job, as arrogant jerks with a paradise for no reason, and as arrogant jerks who got the cool missions and training. I honestly cannot find a solid, distinguishing line that I can verify.

Gonna play Mass: the Effecting and would like some, You know, actual believable military structure.
As for the NCO to officer thing: it's possible, but it's very rare.

As for the special forces thing: My cousin (a marine) told me that sometimes during training you'll be taken aside and asked if you'd be OK with not seeing your family for 5 years. According to him, that sets off special forces training. The training is rigorous and the tests (physical and mental) tend to be incredibly demanding. As in "you'll wish you were dead," demanding. As far as I can tell, it takes a certain degree of extraordinary natural ability and uncommon devotion to one's nation to get into the special forces. My cousin also mentioned that most special forces guys tend to act very humble and low key, mostly out of the need to shield themselves with obscurity.