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    A lot of these aren't done, but eh, I'll post it.

    Abyssal Heritor FeatsFeats: For the cyborg in all of us.
    Bemäntelter SchattenBase: A strange blend of the shadowcaster and a psion, sprinkled liberally with binder flakes.
    Blades of the Fragmented SoulACF: "Oh, you're not--no, I must have heard 'soul' and 'knife' and misunderstood."
    Book of ArtifactsItem: Fun ways to drive your players mad.
    Charm FeatsFeat: Think more along the lines of Odin, less along the lines of sugary cereals.
    Cloth of CopperItem: It's like shapesand, but for stupid people!
    Combat Techniques: The ones in the 2nd post are mine. The ones in the first post are Realms of Chaos'.
    ConvokerBase: A master summoner, or a Pokemon Trainer if you want to wreck serious campaigns.
    Deceit MagePrC: Now you, too, can be burned at the stake despite your lack of any magic whatsoever.
    Ectopic Skin FeatsFeat: Crawling in my skiii--okay, sorry, not funny.
    The FighterBase: Killin' them as needs killin'.
    GestaltwandlerBase: A thousand faces is actually a very conservative estimate.
    How to Train your Magic: A work in progress that involves a mage whose major skill is not Spellcraft but more akin to Handle Animal.
    The IconBase: Ultimate cosmic power, itty bitty living space. It's a joke.
    Impossible WarriorBase/Feat/PrC: Put simply: The Meta-Fighter.
    KrigsherrenBase: Combat supremacy, sans maneuvers.
    The LibrarianBase: Amechra's already beaten me to the punch here.
    The MachiavellianBase: I'd make a joke, but literally all I can think of here is Vetinari.
    The MeathookItem: If you see one of these in your butcher's back room, leave. Don't wait for the steak.
    The MeistersingerPrC: Bardic music is business of the serious variety.
    MetafeatsFeat: Feats about feats. After a while the word feat will sound feat incredibly feat silly feat feat feat.
    Monstrous ArmigerBase: Somewhere out there, the person who really wanted to wear a celestial whale as armor is dancing in glee.
    The Name-Me-NotPrC: Careful about what you say in front of a mirror...
    The NaseliBase: Yes, you can set heat on fire. No, I don't know how that works, stop asking.
    The Nord's BladeBase/PrC/Feat/Item: Possibly the only class that requires you not to use the d20.
    The Outcast ProjectBase: I've done a bit of work on this one... it's only got, what, two base classes and 60 little fiddly bits?
    Resider-In-DreamsPrC: Also known as "Yandere: The Dreaming." I won the Gold in one of the PrC contests with this one.
    The SalvagerBase/Feat/PrC: The MacGyver-ficer.
    Scion of AshardalonPrC: Demons, dragons, lots of bloody sacrifices. Sounds fun, no? I won the Gold in one of the PrC contests with this one.
    Sibling ParagonBase: No, I don't know if you can have a dvati take this. Stop asking.
    The Star-Sworn KnightBase: Kind of like a marshal, crossed with a bard and a truenamer and Sailor Moon or something.
    Stunning Fist Expansion FeatsFeats: For when you have to be the masterful sifu.
    Tiered PermutationsHouserule: ACFs on steroids.
    Touched WarriorBase: A warlock-turned-warrior who uses martial maneuvers through fever dreams and seizures. I made none of that up.
    Unrepentant Pact-Bound HunterPrC: A ranger-warlock fusion with incredible amounts of hate. I won the Gold in one of the PrC contests with this one.
    The VassalBase: This class is pact full of invocation morsels.
    Whispersong BladeItem: Pffft. Crystal echoblades are so last season.
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