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No that is an intentional part of the most recent game patch. You keep the weapons and appearance sets. Honestly, if the appearances and stuff bother you just change them.
So it isn't a bug that Tyler Arden the N7 Destroyer Soldier has gotten to lv. 20 three times now, been promoted, and yet remains deployed as a lv. 1? The weapons I understand, it would be ridiculous if you lost whatever loadout you had on a specific char when you promoted it, but it breaks immersion that I'm leveling the same guy over and over again. Besides, it feels like I have too many irons in the fire when I have too many chars in the same class (I currently have, for example, 3 infiltrators, two Human (one's a Shadow), one Salarian, all currently blinking that stupid levelup arrow when I promoted them, and I was hoping they'd all go away at once) and I feel discouraged from branching out into different chars when I have so many at once. Why would I, I've got two biotic chars, one weapons char, and no less than 6 tech chars (the three infiltrators and three Engies to go along with them)? I understand that it's weird to complain about this - I don't need to think up new character names this way, among other things - But I'd rather not have to go through every single char I have in a class every time I level it up.