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Thread: Mass Effect 3.7: "That was for Thane"

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    Quote Originally Posted by Psyren View Post
    I disagree, walls suck. Walls mean escape routes getting cut off, which means Banshee grabs, Phantom stabs, teammates unable to reach/revive you, less directions to run when a grenade lands in your hack zone etc. In London, sure you can be attacked from more directions, but you can also run in more directions and not get hemmed in/synched by something with a massive hitbox. And I don't remember all the hack zones in Goddess, but the ones I do are on lower ground, making it easy for grenades to end up in your pocket.
    Without walls, running is pointless, because you'll get just get shot to death as you do it. You need somewhere at least temporarily safe to run to, with solid objects between you and the things trying to kill you, which you don't really have much of on London, but have a fair amount of on Goddess, with the several side-rooms and outdoor area.

    Plus if you're doing a king-of-the-hill objective, running is counter-productive, since it will just cause you to lose. You either hold the location you're told to - with missiles if need be - or you may as well just give up and die.

    Quote Originally Posted by Psyren View Post
    As for Ravagers - kill on sight. Don't wait until their friends are in your face and forcing you out of cover, pick them off from as far away as you can and ignore everything that isn't a Banshee until you do. Use everything short of a missile to do so - go all out. It should be cake to do so on Silver, and that's another reason I like wide open maps - you can see them coming a mile away and deal with them accordingly.
    Yeah, that's not going to work out when you've got Banshees and Brutes barreling down on you, now is it? Especially when your first sign that you have a Ravager to deal with is their missiles impacting with your rear, as is all too often the case on London.

    Quote Originally Posted by Psyren View Post
    So it's definitely possible. you just have to stick to it. I know from our ME2 conversations that you're at my level difficulty-wise, it's just a matter of finding the right class for your playstyle and getting the consumables needed to make it through. I know you like Human Engineer for instance - I tore up a gold match with one, coming in first on Jade.
    If you're suggesting that you need to just stick to one or two classes to play on gold, that's all the more reason for me not to. This isn't like in a fighting game, where I can pick out my favorite character(s) and just keep playing them exclusively because there's always more things to learn to do with them. Lacking that kind of depth to the combat, I need to keep changing classes to keep enjoying it. I mean, just with what I've got now, I alternate between:

    Adept: Human, Asari, Ex-Cerberus, Asari Justicar (very rarely).
    Engineer: Human, Quarian, Salarian, Male Quarian, Demolisher.
    Sentinel: Turian, Batarian.
    Vanguard: Human, Krogan, Ex-Cerberus, Slayer.

    And there's still the Geth Engineer, three N7 classes (all but the Destroyer), and a good number of classes released or to be released from the most recent DLC (the Volus, Krogan Shaman, and pretty much everything else from the above four class categories) that I'm interested in.

    Edit: I'm starting to think that the developers went a little overboard with how many Dragoons they send at you in the extraction waves. I just had a game where my team got swarmed by about a half dozen of the things in rapid succession. That in addition to the usual troopers lumbering about, including Atlases. We took them down with about as little trouble as possible (two of the team were using Harriers, which somehow seem not to have been nerfed since I last played, and I was doing fairly well against them as my Turian Sentinel with Warp and my Phaeston with damage and piercing mods), but it got very chaotic there for a minute, and had we been in a more exposed position we could've been in a lot of trouble. And this on silver.

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