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Thread: Wand Adept [3.5 PRC, PEACH]

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    Quote Originally Posted by BelGareth View Post
    The weapon idea to me, is a bit flimsy, I don't see how a little stick could become a weapon, unless you fluff up the ability to use the magical energy therein, but that, to me, would cost charges...just not what I wanted to do with the class....

    However, I do like the Warlock idea...that is awesome.
    It's the same as Reserve Feats.

    Also, how does this intreract with Eternal Wands?
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    Quote Originally Posted by GFawkes View Post
    You didn't poke fate with a stick. You set fate on fire, then whacked it with a 2x4 several times.
    Quote Originally Posted by blackwind1kaze View Post
    good thing they did body attribute instead of Physical attribute, otherwise the stats would look like:

    P. hysical
    M. ind
    S. pirit



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