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So it isn't a bug that Tyler Arden the N7 Destroyer Soldier has gotten to lv. 20 three times now, been promoted, and yet remains deployed as a lv. 1? The weapons I understand, it would be ridiculous if you lost whatever loadout you had on a specific char when you promoted it, but it breaks immersion that I'm leveling the same guy over and over again. Besides, it feels like I have too many irons in the fire when I have too many chars in the same class (I currently have, for example, 3 infiltrators, two Human (one's a Shadow), one Salarian, all currently blinking that stupid levelup arrow when I promoted them, and I was hoping they'd all go away at once) and I feel discouraged from branching out into different chars when I have so many at once. Why would I, I've got two biotic chars, one weapons char, and no less than 6 tech chars (the three infiltrators and three Engies to go along with them)? I understand that it's weird to complain about this - I don't need to think up new character names this way, among other things - But I'd rather not have to go through every single char I have in a class every time I level it up.
But it doesn't break immersion that you hold 100% victory in all sectors of the galaxy in a match you cannot win?

It streamlines things. You now have your character ready to go again when you promote him.

And honestly? I play every character except there'll. They all handle differently and the human male/female split is perfect or trying out variety builds, such as different nova structures. I'm never bored or worrie about having to spread myself out. Each one not only has different strengths but different synergies. Mass effect multiplayer is a team game after all.

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Without walls, running is pointless, because you'll get just get shot to death as you do it. You need somewhere at least temporarily safe to run to, with solid objects between you and the things trying to kill you, which you don't really have much of on London, but have a fair amount of on Goddess, with the several side-rooms and outdoor area.

Plus if you're doing a king-of-the-hill objective, running is counter-productive, since it will just cause you to lose. You either hold the location you're told to - with missiles if need be - or you may as well just give up and die.
That's probably why you die. If you have five minutes to achieve an objectiv which lasts 60 seconds, and you get swamped, run away. Draw all the enemies to another corner of the map. It's the same mistake you make by having your vanguard zip around the map; ire, you don't feel like you're "wasting time" but the objective finishes almost exponentially faster with all four of you there. Use your resources; space and predictable enemies. They will follow; draw them away. Cerberus can't target through smoke; hide in it. Cannibals will cannibalize; shoot their rearmost ally and watch them flock. The menu knows you're downloading. Don't give them what they want.

Yeah, that's not going to work out when you've got Banshees and Brutes barreling down on you, now is it? Especially when your first sign that you have a Ravager to deal with is their missiles impacting with your rear, as is all too often the case on London.
I don't know where you're sitting on london, as we are usually covered down in the middle. The trouble spot is right off the left most stairs from the top, and then it's a simple matter f taking cover and not standing there like a target. If you sit an look one direction, even with brutes and banshees barreling down on you, then yes you will be flanked. So spin. Survey your surroundings. Observe your team-mates. Use area powers. Figure out safe geometry. You know toucan shoot through a corner at the edge of an enemy and they can't target you effectively when you do? Without cover. Just standing there.

You've already said you don't do things like pull husks at other enemies and then detonate them. That is tacitly not eliminating one Enemy and damaging another, in favor of just damage. Things like that add up. Every orthodox detonation is one more cannibal who lives long enough to take a shot a you.

If you're suggesting that you need to just stick to one or two classes to play on gold, that's all the more reason for me not to. This isn't like in a fighting game, where I can pick out my favorite character(s) and just keep playing them exclusively because there's always more things to learn to do with them. Lacking that kind of depth to the combat, I need to keep changing classes to keep enjoying it. I mean, just with what I've got now, I alternate between:

Adept: Human, Asari, Ex-Cerberus, Asari Justicar (very rarely).
Engineer: Human, Quarian, Salarian, Male Quarian, Demolisher.
Sentinel: Turian, Batarian.
Vanguard: Human, Krogan, Ex-Cerberus, Slayer.

And there's still the Geth Engineer, three N7 classes (all but the Destroyer), and a good number of classes released or to be released from the most recent DLC (the Volus, Krogan Shaman, and pretty much everything else from the above four class categories) that I'm interested in.
Not at all. I still switch freely. It's about being flexible, not rigid. Gold Is about fighting smarter, not harder.