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    The last time I did nanowrimo, the story had quite a lot of filler (yes, yes, they were character development sequence with a bit of action, but essentially filler) About 3-4 chapters of it.

    And then I ran out of words and stopped.

    This time though. This time I am armed with more than just an idea.

    I have that magic system. This has been waiting for four years.

    I have Twin Faces of the Sky as a setting (and title). It is a cool one, and very hard to explain. The explanation will eat words like no tomorrow, muhahaha.

    It has a history. I worked this out as part of another story in a different setting, to be adapted for this new one. That one was a 6000 word short.

    I have the major characters. I have an outline of the politics.

    I have a bombastic plot that goes from the swashbuckling sky pirate on a freedom struggle (from her mother, the Church and later, society), all the way to changing the world.

    What I fear this time is that I've done too much planning.
    The setting is obviously important, the lack of a planet strikes me as kinda important.
    The history is important, it is highly related to one 'character' and central to knowing the Church and the entire second half.
    The *magic system* is important, there is a major focus on how progress in magic changes the world.
    The characters are important, no need to explain.

    And then there are the factions and political players. They are characters and they shape the plot.
    And then there is the plot itself.

    Just explaining everything WILL eat the entire word count (the magic system alone is already at 100 pages and only 40% done, although I certainly don't need to explain everything) and I will lose motivation to write.

    So, my goal for Nanowrimo: reach the last chapter of the story by the end of November.
    EDIT: So say I, on this day the twenty fourth of october two thousand and twelve.

    I only hope I sustain the motivation to actually do the darn writing.
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