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actually, had some stuff worth asking you about there.
On the rank structure, I know as much as wiki would tell you about most militaries (the Aotrs being the exception, obviously, but we are fairly non-standard there anyway). Among my studies of military history, army structure had not been a strong part; mostly I read about what they do, why they do it and what they use to do it, rather than what promotion means what...!

On the second, my uncle used to drink with a guy who I think was ex-SAS, who had a few tales to tell. My uncle said he was a nice enough chap, but there was definately a feeling you wouldn't want to get on his bad side.

'Course, real special forces don't really work like you see in computer games; a lot of their job is recon, by which I mean "go to this place and sit in this spot for several days without moving and watch to see where all the supply trucks are going1." The whole "surgical strike/sabotage" combat missions thing is by far the exception to their missions, rather than the rule.

1Everybody fights basically down roads and transport networks. "Cross-country" just doesn't happen in the real world.