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    Quote Originally Posted by veti View Post
    Cities have two things that are not portable: continuous water sources, and shelter. I don't see how Redcloak could provide those to a whole army on a continuous basis.
    A) Tents.
    B) Wagon treks (and for the RPG-like setting it would probably sufficient realistic to just conquer some oasis or three a few dozen miles away); for the overkill-solution see below.

    It does not have to be perfect, I doubt that neither Redcloak nor Xykon would mind a few hundred or even thousand dieing each month due to the bad situation they are in.

    "Cannot be done" is a very strong claim in a RPG-Fantasy like setting, especially if Redcloak has access to a daily or weekly Gate spell to the Elemental Plane of Water. He can turn entire acres of desert into lakes if he wishes to.
    (A 20 ft disk is 29,22 m, assuming a flow of 1 m per second (from the elemental plane of water this is not too far fetched, that is 30 m per second, and he has a duration of some 17ish rounds (rounds per level, each round is six seconds).
    Redcloak can get ~3000 tons of water per cast - I doubt water is an issue at all )
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