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Without walls, running is pointless, because you'll get just get shot to death as you do it. You need somewhere at least temporarily safe to run to, with solid objects between you and the things trying to kill you, which you don't really have much of on London, but have a fair amount of on Goddess, with the several side-rooms and outdoor area.

Plus if you're doing a king-of-the-hill objective, running is counter-productive, since it will just cause you to lose. You either hold the location you're told to - with missiles if need be - or you may as well just give up and die.
As Sius said, that's probably why you're dying. Which I find even more odd because you like Vanguards so much - they're the best suited to lead enemies away from the hill, especially on Silver.

Trust me when I say you have plenty of time to get out of the circle for awhile in a hairy situation, and trust me when I say that sometimes that's the best option. You can still easily finish the hack once the heat is off.

Now, if it's wave 10, I fully advocate holding position and using all your rockets instead, but it's not like you have anything to lose at that point.

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Yeah, that's not going to work out when you've got Banshees and Brutes barreling down on you, now is it? Especially when your first sign that you have a Ravager to deal with is their missiles impacting with your rear, as is all too often the case on London.
How long does it take you to drop a Ravager? It's 2-3 cooldowns for me on Gold And usually they spawn in pairs, so you can take them out with the same biotic/fire/cryo explosion, and all their bug-babies too. (Though maybe that's a gold thing.)

And as I pointed out, that's a strength of London - you can see everything coming a mile off, but there's still plenty of cover.

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If you're suggesting that you need to just stick to one or two classes to play on gold, that's all the more reason for me not to.
Not at all - I'm suggesting you stick to one or two classes to get the hang of Gold, then go back to playing whatever you like once you have a feel for it.

There was a time when I couldn't go near gold with any of the starter Human classes - now they are among my best picks, because I got the hang of universal tactics like watching my six and hitting my ops pack with more forgiving classes like Krogans, Infiltrators and N7s.

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If you sit an look one direction, even with brutes and banshees barreling down on you, then yes you will be flanked. So spin. Survey your surroundings. Observe your team-mates. Use area powers. Figure out safe geometry. You know toucan shoot through a corner at the edge of an enemy and they can't target you effectively when you do? Without cover. Just standing there.
Not at all. I still switch freely. It's about being flexible, not rigid. Gold Is about fighting smarter, not harder.
This is probably the best advice I could give. Gold is about paying attention to what your team is doing, knowing when to cover them, and above all knowing when to break away and reposition (and which direction to run in when you do.)

There was a time when I thought it was all about tricks/exploits and farming, and I didn't find that playstyle fun, so I avoided it. Now I know that's just what bad players do to earn gold money. The ones that are capable of queuing up for a totally random gold match and succeeding are both much more fun to play with, and much more common.