Thank you everyone for suggestions. I will use this idea, to do both. Somehow each idea seems fun.

Music Sketch: 「孤独な生きもの」

Being unable to draw for long time because of bad mood, to listen this song and became comforted, so to sketch such an emotion of 5 minutes.

(To be a new character and race for a game. I am excited to try when such a game begins.)

New character name isn't decided.

A cunning and agile race of cat-like beast-men. They are very cunning, agile, and technologically advanced of especially airship and motor technology. They were a fearsome [world power] until a great disaster 10 years ago. Their homeland was turned to desert. Now to be nomad mostly, organized in the in the airship and hovercraft [Lynks Fleet] and search for new land to claim. Every Lynks serves properly in some role of this socialist system. For Lynks their people are in very difficult situation, so it is [mandatory military service] and many also act as merchants to support the Federation.

It can be said nothing is known about such a gun or military except from games.

50 Page Celebration [Forward]
"Hello everyone, my name is Mir."
"Nice to meet you! My name is Kamome."
"Together we will be hosting the Q&A for the celebration of 50 pages for Kasanip's Sketchbook."
"If you have any questions for Kasanip, or to any of the characters who have been played, please ask, or send a PM!"
"We will do our best to answer them!"