On Gold last night on the Canadian map (can't think of it's name- the one where you're scrambling over rooftops) I was playing as the original Asari Adept.

They must have tweaked her because her dodge ability is faster than I remember! I was dodging charging brutes and poison-biotic-balls from Banshees like it was nothing.

It also felt like her powers must have been tweaked upwards as well because her self-chained biotic explosions could knock half the health off of a brute with one explosion.

I found this out because the 2 Random players on the map were basically useless and my friend and I were generally either the only ones working together or the only ones alive. This meant that a lot of the time I would be working alone on one side of the map while his Salarian Infiltrator would cover me from a distance and handle his own AOR. Despite the useless teammates, it was one of the best games I have had in a while