"Without a ship, anybody else that survived are stranded on islands inhabited by Island Goblins. I don't know how I got here, Your Holiness, but Island Goblins will kill everybody they find and it's several thousand miles to the nearest safe shore. We rely on our ships, Your Holiness, and our rowing-boats are, unfortunately, inferior over long distances to the canoes and rafts made by Island Goblins. And I don't care if you tell your priests that I said that, Your Holiness. Elves are not inherently superior, just more civilised." Because a Sea Elf wizard focusses on making sure the ship is as good as it possibly is and doesn't bother with the boats, whilst Island Goblin wizards maintain the fleet of war-rafts and canoes used by their people. Sea Elves use ships like floating fortresses, so focus on making them strong and sturdy, but Island Goblins use their canoes as steeds, focussing on speed and stealth.

Also, the last two sentences are said with fierce determination.