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Thread: Mass Effect 3.7: "That was for Thane"

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    I'm not worrie about the primes myself. Their drones were more seek and destroy recently and often left the prime behind. Once you started combo-ing one they were a nonissue. I'm glad about the spawn time change because I frequently ended up trying to solo the last prime, who was actually the last prime and his three machine gun friends.

    Looking forward to the Valkyrie. Annihilation field + tech armor? Yes please.

    Missile launcher is a staple for me. The rocket is a workhorse, scattering swarms of enemies, finishing off a guy during an unfortunate reload, preventing that marauder from successfully stunning me with a punch (yes, it happens) and even setting off fire bursts from my incendiary ammo. It's nice to just falls things and self-combo with no effort.

    Give up frags? Nah. I just divvy up the passive and fitness skills.
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