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Pathfinder's Hut - Levi jeans

The man whose cape blows dramatically in the wind looks down at Pathfinder's mixtures of powders, as he thinks about how to answer the question. "Generally...I suppose they eat meat, just like most other animals. The difference is that they like eating people once in a while."

He answered the first question, which was the harder one. The second half of the question is certainly easier, and so Levi answers this one much more quickly. "The best way to get rid of one is, of course, killing it. Barring that, the next-best way is to shine a really bright light at it. They're slightly nocturnal, like bats or dogs or deer." After that, he doesn't know any effective way to get rid of one. Everyone has their own wives' tale, like hanging a headless chicken in front of your house, or yodelling "Happy Birthday" at the top of your lungs, but those haven't been proven to have any great effect.
Pathfinder's Hut - Levi

"So a normal weapon will work?" Pathfinder asks, slightly confused as to how it could cause so much trouble if the answer was this simple. "Either way, step closer to the fire." He tells Levi before tossing a handful of powder onto the flames, causing them to erupt into a bonfire.

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Main Cabin - Andy

Andy can't say he feels save now.

"I will remember this."
Main Cabin - Andy

Pathfinder nods his thanks. "Is there anything else you'd like to talk about? Reelshka and I will be leaving on a trip for a while, so you might find yourself without most of the other Council Members."

Pathfinder's Hut - Later

The next time Reelshka visits his hut, Pathfinder has his couple bags packed and loaded into a cart being drawn by an oxen. He seems distracted, humming merrily to himself as he's almost done getting things under way.