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That's probably why you die. If you have five minutes to achieve an objectiv which lasts 60 seconds, and you get swamped, run away. Draw all the enemies to another corner of the map. It's the same mistake you make by having your vanguard zip around the map; ire, you don't feel like you're "wasting time" but the objective finishes almost exponentially faster with all four of you there. Use your resources; space and predictable enemies. They will follow; draw them away. Cerberus can't target through smoke; hide in it. Cannibals will cannibalize; shoot their rearmost ally and watch them flock. The menu knows you're downloading. Don't give them what they want.
Yeah, that would only work if your allies have the same idea at the same time. Otherwise you're just denying them much-needed support, and may quickly find yourself on you own because of that.

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I don't know where you're sitting on london, as we are usually covered down in the middle. The trouble spot is right off the left most stairs from the top, and then it's a simple matter f taking cover and not standing there like a target. If you sit an look one direction, even with brutes and banshees barreling down on you, then yes you will be flanked. So spin. Survey your surroundings. Observe your team-mates. Use area powers. Figure out safe geometry. You know toucan shoot through a corner at the edge of an enemy and they can't target you effectively when you do? Without cover. Just standing there.
Your directions there are contradictory. Cover in London is far too limited to protect you from all directions at once, so you can't both stay in cover and keep spinning to engage things from all directions.

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You've already said you don't do things like pull husks at other enemies and then detonate them. That is tacitly not eliminating one Enemy and damaging another, in favor of just damage. Things like that add up. Every orthodox detonation is one more cannibal who lives long enough to take a shot a you.
I only use one class that has pull, the Asari Justicar, and as I said previously it's the one I play most rarely. And really, detonations? On husks? They're not worth the time it takes to set one up. I just hit them with throw, or incinerate, or shockwave, or simple gunfire, or whatever else is convenient. The only class I'd use a detonation on them with is the Quarian Engineer, because Cryo Blast's cooldown is so short that I may as well use Cryo Blast -> Incinerate on everything that doesn't have shields.

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As Sius said, that's probably why you're dying. Which I find even more odd because you like Vanguards so much - they're the best suited to lead enemies away from the hill, especially on Silver.
Oddly enough, I don't think I've ever gotten London when playing a Vanguard. I get it a lot when playing my Human Adept, though, and she's uniquely poorly suited to it, what with Shockwave's limited range.

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How long does it take you to drop a Ravager? It's 2-3 cooldowns for me on Gold And usually they spawn in pairs, so you can take them out with the same biotic/fire/cryo explosion, and all their bug-babies too. (Though maybe that's a gold thing.)
Depends on the class, and I've never kept close track. 3 cooldowns is plenty of time for a Brute or Banshee to be in your face, or the Cannibals and Marauders on the other side of you to drop your shields, however.

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And as I pointed out, that's a strength of London - you can see everything coming a mile off, but there's still plenty of cover.
Er, what? London has plenty of low cover that will protect you from one direction, sure, but with nothing better that doesn't do you much good, since there's plenty of ways for you to get flanked, and you usually will. And of course, Brutes, Banshees, and grenades will force you out of that cover to boot.

Re: today's patch - First the Krogan Shaman, now the Asari Valkyrie? They're really trying to make me use the new DLC when buying my packs. Those are about the two I was most eager for. Now I don't know whether to switch to the new one or Earth (where I have 3 N7 classes yet to pick up) once I get my Geth Engineer. Kinda surprised that the Asari Valkyrie was one of the more requested characters though - I'd have figured something like the Drell Infiltrator or Geth Soldier would be, not a Sentinel.

Turian Sentinel getting more power damage from his passive should be nice too. And the Cryo Blast buff, for my favorite Engineer.