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Copi will help Kitty to the infirmary, and once in the infirmary she will walk her over to the bed.

"Quinn! We have made an important discovery concerning Kitty's condition! Are you familiar with the notion of mindscapes and the plumbing thereof?"
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Kitty slumps onto the bed. When Quinn comes over, she'll find that Kitty looks absolutely exhausted, and quite pale to boot. She lies down and props her head up with a pillow. She could use a nap, but she better be awake for this.
Quinn hurries over, frowning a bit as she notes Kitty's condition, and will quickly attempt to set up a nutrient-and-Vulpanade IV!

"I'm...actually quite familiar with mindscapes," Quinn says cautiously. "And have done my share What happened?" she asks, concerned.