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Nicholas purrs quietly when Scylla runs her fingers through his fur. Then, when Prism holds a finger to his nose, he reaches out with his head and tries to sniff at it and nuzzle it with his cheek. Sophie just watches with a gentle smile for now.
Rowan Cabin - Kids Room

Prism pulls back her finger at the contact, startled, but then reaches out slowly to rub his head.

Meanwhile, Scylla apparently enjoys the sound Nicholas is making so much that she starts to imitate it, letting out a purr that sounds exactly like his own. Her ability to mimic things after only hearing them once has only gotten more precise as she's aged.

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"I should more often," Patty agrees, then chuckles, squeezing tightly before letting go. "And that's good to hear. Well, aside from getting into trouble. Of course, I'm sure we were experts at staying out of trouble, weren't we?" she adds with a wink.
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"Only when we need to be sug." Julie replies saucily as the knife slides under the peppers it was cutting and flicks them into a frying pan that begins to heat up on its own.