Poplar Cabin

Lily Applehill is here, crying her eyes out because her parents won't let her go with Pathfinder and Reelshka. She already said her goodbyes offscreen, but she's still heartbroken. Unusually, Tito is trying to comfort her instead of being surly in her general direction. He didn't want her to go and was relieved when the parental decision was no. He's glad she's not going, but he feels guilty for being glad when Lee-lee is so sad.

Pansy and Brand, aware that they are not Lily's favourite people at the moment, are out of sight, but within earshot. It had been hard for them to deny her something she wanted so badly, but it simply wasn't something they could bear. Not yet. Not while she was so young. Not when all the uncertainty of what might happen while she was away would tear Tito to pieces. Not when they didn't believe Lily was old enough to handle a weeks-long separation from her parents. Not when they couldn't handle a prolonged separation from their daughter.

Lily would know all these reasons one day. If she ever had a child, she would even understand. But for now, there's just one thought in her mind.

Brinika is going, and I'm not, and it JUST ISN'T FAIR!