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Again, I think that saying this is a bit much. There are a lot of Tau worlds, they won't be the exact same. Much like the Imperium.
Unfortunately, the Tau are not the Imperium. The Tau are very homogeneous in the way that they do things. Difference = Bad. Remember, Farsight is an abomination, not the norm. They could be different planet-to-planet, but they most likely aren't.

Second, the Tau are as harsh as they need to be for their population. It has nothing to do with the Tau themselves. If the inhabitants want to start a riot. Fine. Tau will play that game. If you want to play nice, the only Tau you see are going to be your Overseer and lots of those Drone things the Tau like to build...In fact, the Drones always look like they're staring at you...