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Resounding meh from me. I still believe AF's strength is being able to run circles around foes raining combos on them all the while with machine-gun-Throw. I'm willing to bet my Fury kicks the pants off any Valkyries I end up in a game with.
Different ideas behind the classes, actually. I wouldn't compete in the same arena. Warp reduces armor DR, increases damage taken from all sources by a lot. Tech armor boosts damage by 30%, and annihilation field, when spec'd for it, heals you when it hits. An Asari can deal damage in an area comparable to a boric explosion just by standing there and using heavy melee. Much less range support though.

On both classes one could entirely forego N7 training/Asari Justicar training, since you rely on bursts. Personally, I enjoy melee AF fury the most, making the Valkyrie competable for my attentions, and allowing me to focus on a single spec for the fury instead of varying it. I am disappointed to find the Valkyrie has the same model as the standard though, and that their passive is named Asari Valkyrie but is identical to the standard.

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Yeah, that would only work if your allies have the same idea at the same time. Otherwise you're just denying them much-needed support, and may quickly find yourself on you own because of that.
Sure, sit there and die with your team instead of winning. But if they get murdered and you lea the enemy on a merry chase, you can clear the wave and being them back. As Psyren said, understand how to support your allies, and also when to bail on them. Sometimes reviving that Krogan is a bad idea.

Your directions there are contradictory. Cover in London is far too limited to protect you from all directions at once, so you can't both stay in cover and keep spinning to engage things from all directions.
You can pivot in cover 360 without losing cover. Even when you look opposite from it. That way you are smaller, possible to miss due to intervening cover you aren't rubbing on, and not getting shot from the new back. You're looking at it too literally.

I only use one class that has pull, the Asari Justicar, and as I said previously it's the one I play most rarely. And really, detonations? On husks? They're not worth the time it takes to set one up. I just hit them with throw, or incinerate, or shockwave, or simple gunfire, or whatever else is convenient. The only class I'd use a detonation on them with is the Quarian Engineer, because Cryo Blast's cooldown is so short that I may as well use Cryo Blast -> Incinerate on everything that doesn't have shields.
You're being purposefully silly now. What better, explosion which causes 100% damage, or explosion which causes 175% damage? You are limiting yourself artificially because an enemy, your only goal, isn't worth your time. Especially since the comparison is actually 0% explosion damage versus 175%. And marauders, hunters, troopers, cannibals, centurions, nemeses, husks, abominations, assault troopers, captains all can be used to deal almost double damage to a more powerful enemy while limiting fire from the opposition.


Er, what? London has plenty of low cover that will protect you from one direction, sure, but with nothing better that doesn't do you much good, since there's plenty of ways for you to get flanked, and you usually will. And of course, Brutes, Banshees, and grenades will force you out of that cover to boot.
Only if everyone focuses in the same direction. You've got four guys and 3 avenues of entry. One dude should specifically watch the area. It's cake to keep yourself from being swarmed. Just much harder in silver, which doesn't punish cowboy antics as much. You can't complain about people running off, doing their own thing and losing in the difficulty which encourages running ff and doing your own thing while insisting on running off and doing your own thing.

[auote]Re: today's patch - First the Krogan Shaman, now the Asari Valkyrie? They're really trying to make me use the new DLC when buying my packs. Those are about the two I was most eager for. Now I don't know whether to switch to the new one or Earth (where I have 3 N7 classes yet to pick up) once I get my Geth Engineer. Kinda surprised that the Asari Valkyrie was one of the more requested characters though - I'd have figured something like the Drell Infiltrator or Geth Soldier would be, not a Sentinel.[/quote]

Annihilation field plus tech armor has some obvious synergy. Krogan shaman is also pretty sick for close range damage. Even without warp's unsung expose evolution boosting Krogan melee, shockwave is a good softener for a smack and the 65% BE effect means its often worth it to team up with another priming biotic. It's particularly fun to chase around the fury and launch them, save them from surprise phantomings and such. The divide also lets me use barrier on my Krogan vanguard for power instead of shield recharge, for those times charging is No Bueno.

Incidentally, barrier, fitness, Justicar sphere, and some gear can get your recharge so low it's almost instant. With the shaman this means I can tank while lobbing powers. It's everything I've ever dreamed of...