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Sophie takes a bit to crawl up the couch and onto Kate's lap, but then reads the ad.

"Honestly, this looks like an evil plan. It goes on about the masquerade aspect, but that can be waved off as the person really wanting to have a Halloween masquerade. The overall creepiness is similarly written off by saying that it's a Halloween event and the person is just good at advertising, but there are two things I notice that should be bright red flags."

"First, at the very end he says he has evil cackling to do. Red flag. I know it seems too stupid to be true, but this is the nexus. The impossible is every day here."

"Second, it's taking place at an abandoned casino. As far as I know, there is only one notable casino in inside, and it just so happens that it's been out of business for a bit now... the Gambling League of Gambling, run by the world's most successful business cyborg."

"Oh my goodness... MaGLoG is more or less the only place that matches that description. I should have thought of that. I mean, I noticed the threat of evil laughter but I hadn't really taken that seriously. Of course, as soon as it became a serious consideration I should have re-read it seriously."
Kate's Apartment

"Okay, but that can't be Magtok, because that's not his texty-thing. I remember, he was up a few things and he writes in grey. It's probably in his casino, but I bet you anything someone else is hosting it. Besides, we won't know if it's jokey evil or evil evil unless we go, and it's going to kill me if I miss out on something like this. If you're not up to going, I might just go it alone."