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Sorry, Zevox, but you're wrong. I see people do all these 'impossible' things all the time. I had a big expository post, but it felt too confrontational.

You don't have to advance, you don't have to get better. But don't insist these things can't be done and, by extension, I'm a liar because you can't do them.

I often run London on Gold with no issues at all. This is even when I'm the only sane person taking advantage of higher ground while my party borks around in the kill zone. As long as I watch my corners and stay near cover, then I'm fine.

I don't mind the center hack zone because, while it is challenging, there is still a lot of cover around that can be taken advantage of. Good use of that area depends more on having a good team that is willing to hunker down and watch their own AOR, plus an ability to jump between cover as the tactical situation changes.

In short: London isn't that bad to me. There are other maps I find to be far more annoying.