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    Default Re: National Novel Writing Month

    I'm actually still undecided about going rogue (because I like it more than rebel :).. or not taking part at all..
    I'm not doing any prep work, still having the notes of last year's effort..
    but I'm not really feeling it and unsure I will have the time to stick to it for the entire duration.
    not that I need that long to come up with 50k words.. but last year things conspired to make me quit despite being way ahead of schedule...and there are reasons to believe that work will do this to me this year too.
    so..I'm both passionate about the idea but not really feeling it at the same time.

    anyway, should I decide to take part, I'll continue on my previous "book".. the story of a band of conmen/rogues, in a medieval/high fantasy setting, whose attempt at stealing a crapload of money backfires as they get entangled with world-shaping events, a quest to rediscover "high magic", an impending war between various factions, an otherworldly invasion of nasties and a number of people chasing them across the planet.
    so..yeah..nothing really new or never done before
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