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Thread: Hat Fortress 2: Snappy Title Pending

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    Default Hat Fortress 2: Snappy Title Pending

    Come one come all to the Giant in the Playground Team Fortress 2 Trade Thread! Have metal and need a hat or two? Or perhaps you want to swap some strange items? Here is the place to do it! Just put what you have here, and what you are looking for!

    Things you may not be aware of: Even though this is a TF2 trade thread, you can trade many things through Steam! Games such as Dota and Super Monday Night Combat support Steam Trades, and games as well can be traded.

    Helpful links to those new to the item trade scene:

    The Spreadsheet - a helpful site that gives a rough estimate of the average price an item is selling for. - another site for giving prices on items. Remember with the all spreadsheets: these are the average prices, so people may be buying and selling for more or less. Also, both sites are fallible, so do not depend on just one site to get your prices!

    TF2 Outpost - a trade site, log in through steam and trade with people around the world!

    TF2 Warehouse - a site dedicated to trading with bots. Basically, they keep a store of items, you trade your items in to the bots for points, and spend your points on what you want. Do be warned, they take a cut on your item's worth when you trade to them. Good for unloading stuff fast.

    Helpful things to know:

    -1 Scrap Metal is made from 2 Weapons of the same class
    -3 Scrap = 1 Reclaimed Metal
    -3 Reclaimed = 1 Refined
    -Depending on where you look, a Key is worth about 2.55-2.66 Refined.

    What are all those decimals you ask? Well, you are in luck, because Old Man Kurgan is in an answering mood! A refined is just "1", or most will say "I will pay a refined for this", or "2 refined for this" and so on.

    A Scrap is noted as .11, as 9 Scrap = 1 Refined. Using this formula, 1 Reclaimed [which is made out of 3 Scrap] is the .33.

    As such, if someone says to you "I'll give you .33 for this", they are saying "I'll give you a Reclaimed". For a few more examples, .44 would be 1 Reclaimed and 1 Scrap, and 2.66 would be 2 Refined and 2 Reclaimed.

    Hope that helps, or at least doesn't confuse you even more!

    And Now a Word From Our Gentlemanly Friend Pyro

    On the Cleanliness of Your Items:
    When someone says they have a "Dirty" item, it means that it was purchased from the Mann Co. Store, and is thus unusable in crafting. On the flip side, a "Clean" item is NOT from the store, and originates from crates, item drops, or crafting.

    Clean items are usually worth more than their dirty counterparts.

    Important Note

    Quote Originally Posted by Rawhide View Post
    The Hairy Modfather: If you're going to exchange/trade/swap games through this forum, keep it to using the Steam trading system only. Do not advertise to sell/trade/buy any goods using real money or keys.
    Quote Originally Posted by Rawhide View Post
    Oh, and btw, I mean game activation keys. If TF2 in-game keys can be traded in the Steam trade system, that's ok too, as long as it's not for real money or game activation keys.
    Keep these rules in mind whenever trading on these forums!

    If I am missing anything, or you want anything else in the opening post, let me know!
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