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Thread: Hat Fortress 2: Snappy Title Pending

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    Stuff for trade; Uncraftable Tyrant's Helm: 1 Refined, Futankhamun 1.44 refined, steel toed stompers 1.44 refined, Name Tag 1.11 refined

    Weapons I'll trade any of the following for 1 scrap; Solemn Vow, Direct hit, Brass Beast, Razorback, Disciplinary Action, Family Business, Winger, Pretty Boy's Pocket Pistol, Your Eternal Reward, Short Circuit

    Stuff I'm looking for; Rocket Jumper, Mann-up Mode tickets, Metal. I also would like a Team Captain, but I'm nowhere near to being able to afford it yet.

    NOTE: At this point, I only have .88 refined, so I can't make much change at this point. Also, you might want to add that Dirty means "Bought from the Steam Store, and thus not usable in crafting" to the OP, Kurgan.
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