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    Dantie takes starts chanting a spell and sprinkling dust around the inlet him and his friends are on until there is a circle 20ft around, then he goes to stand in the center and says to the creature talking. It is not only the light of Pelor that is with me now foul demon. Danite says looking at the creature that is still hiding in the mist, She is with me now as well, The one Balion choose over your friend. It is he himself who sent us here, and it is thus with his blessing as well that you face. Do not try to think you are greater then all of their might combined foolish creature. Dantie says making sure that the spell he has cast is in effect. Dantie then calls up to jesus to start moving everyone to the edge of the spell he has cast.

    Danite has casted Consecrate. It grants him a +3 bonus on turning checks, and all undead in the area (20ft) take a -1 penalty to attack rolls damage rolls and saves. Knowledge check (1d20+15)[23] religion to find out my bonus on damage against her. So +2 to attack rolls against her.
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