Only a creature of evil or an unholy abomination would consider what I have done a threat so far. I have blessed this ground, and gave you a reply. Add in the fey we travel with has called you a vampire, it seems that something is amiss. And for being gentle, when my friends landed you or something with you made it so they can not move. Gentle indeed? Did you plan on killing us all quickly. You have been the only one making threats so far, and I have only made sure me and my friends are safe. If you do not want to fight then why go through all you have done? Dantie says looking at the creature still that is out of his full sight.

Pierce illusions is 60ft. Detect evil is 60ft. (1d20+21)[32] diplomacy dantie has yet again not made a single threat only pointed out what she has done and how he has reacted. (1d20+6)[11] initiative and dantie is taking total defense boosting his ac up by 4.