I've never sent Adair to Arisse, but I've heard this is also part of what can trigger a civil war. Sending him to Elodie's Uncle is a safe bet. As for an easy resolution... I've heard Briony here makes an excellent political hostage.

Oddly enough, I've never triggered a civil war.

Chapter 36, Part 2
Well Said, Briony!


Well, for the time being, it looks like we're taking the easy way out and asking about her parents. Perhaps you will be finished another way, another day, adventure.

Wait, honey, you know this. We just discussed this last update. Her family's messed up. Oh, well.

So apparently Briony's deep dark secret is regular old angst. Who knew?

Awww, poor Briony...Being relegated to the backseat because of her incredibly vengeful jerkass uncle.

"I'm an adult now, you know!"
Of course, dear.
(Technically. She's sixteen.)

Yeah, given the incredible lack in Elodie's education, I'm inclined to agree with her on how much that sucks.
"When did your uncle move in?"

Wait, wasn't that when....

Yeah, that.
So she means after the part where his ex-step-dad was killed, probably by agents of his mother, right?
Good lord, Briony, but your family's messed up. Doesn't Kevan have someplace of his own to go? He's an earl!

(Most people think that was no great loss, because there were all sorts of horrible rumors about Jael.)
Oh, yeah, like how he assaulted that one lady who's dead now.
See? Our total knowledge of local intrigue is...Well, It's probably useful-ish.

Kevan's...Well, you know what? I'll save my commentary for Kevan for a few weeks from now.
I've been holding it in this whole game.

Yup. Murder is sure stressful.

"Yeah, I'm sure, but so what? That was years ago! They've had plenty of time to get over it!"

Yeah, Elodie's got a point there. I mean, really, you sort of ran off without telling anyone anyway -- will that be more noticable if you get treasure?

"You mean...it's hopeless???"
Watch the punctuation, lady.

In other words, don't go off and die! Come chill with us!

"Oh. I guess maybe you're right."
And suddenly, Briony, I love you.

Elodie is less pleased.

And here we are, having put off Briony's teenage angst and death-wish!

What shall we do with our shiny new not-being-dead?