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Great. Who's this now? I don't think the speech bubble quite fits anyone we know. It seems like things are gonna have to turn pretty quickly here. Because with the destruction of the city now beginning, there's not a lot of time left for the situation to continue getting worse. Though that doesn't mean the Foglios won't squeeze in just a couple more bad things before the turn.
I thought it might be the Crypt-keepers at first, but they've got little slime drippings hanging down from their speech balloons.

The Knights' have a more mechanical appearing text in theirs.

It's not Franz or the pretty boy dragon.

We haven't seen the Bloodstone Paladins yet, but it's not even certain they can speak.

So I agree, this is probably somebody new. But whoever they are, they're close enough to be able to address Agatha directly, and the size of the balloon suggests someone fairly powerful.