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    Yeah. I am not sure I will paticipate in this simply because I am so busy between collage and such. HOWEVER with election day coming soon I'll have a lot more free time because my campaign work will be over, so I MAY have time to devote to this. Even if I don't, however, I will still be doing work a novel in a world I've been fleshing out for a while. I don't want to put the defining element of the setting that makes it so unique out there because it's treading somewhat original water and I don't want anybody lifting the idea. However, I will say that it is a blending of cyberpunk and high fantasy that has a very unique take on both applications of cyberspace and magic. I don't want to give away too much, though. If your interested, PM me and I will probably tell you as long as you promise not to lift the idea.

    The actual story, however, will be centered around a group of eccentric misfits who also happen to be some of the world's foremost magical prodigies. They've all been assembled by the setting's resident giant (and somewhat...ok...very) corrupt megacorp to act as a special unit against a masked terrorist mastermind and his minions who are kinda like a darker, twisted, evil fusion of occupy wallstreet and the nazi party before it took over Germany......and even that is not really a description that does them justice. Of course, you can bet most of these oddball "heroes" are anything but "heroic" and the interactions between themselves and their corporate superiors are already looking to be very, very fun to write...There is a lot more to the plot then that, though. Family matters for some of the characters get involved, there are undercurrents of political themes dealing with inequality, corporate power, the dangers of extremism ect...(and neither the corporate side or the anti-corporate terrorists come off looking clean by the end of things.) There IS a lot more to the plot, I just can't write it all down here without a wall o' text. What is above is a bare minimum concept.
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