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    Default Re: Gaols and Giants - The Playground rewrites third Edition

    Talking to Grod over a rather ignorant Fighter homebrew has reminded me of something highly critical you have to address:

    Each class needs to have their own personal dedicated Storytelling Niche/Archtypal Framework. One of the significant problems in 3.5 is the number of classes doing the same thing. ACFs have their place, in order to give options for the execution of a concept or role. having a hundred classes for that is not the way though. PF kinda toyed with this concept, but their archetypes being implemented post-core instead of pre-core resulted in things like paladin being worthless as anything more then a healgod

    Quick class ideas:
    Barbarian: Noble Berzerker
    Ranger: Relyable master at arms/ Aragorn (Mixed in with Fighter)
    Paladin: Knight-Errant. Light of the people
    Knight: Knight in Shining Armor
    Priest: Preacher of the faith, healer (cleric kinda steps (with a Mobile Launch Platform) on paladin's toes)
    Mage: Learned Caster, Limited (as in to a theme, or to a school) in spells known
    Sorcerer: Wild Caster, could have a Warlock (Trade for spellcasting) ACF
    Druid: As usual, but no pet

    classes i cant find space for:
    rogue: kinda the same space as ranger
    fighter: too much mechanical overlap with ranger
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