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Huntsman is definitely better in this instance because your shots charge so much faster.
A) SR lets you you stay on your half of map away from griefers, B) I'll take hitscan weapon with 50% more headshot damage and no falloff over slightly faster charge, thanks

Hardware/ME stuff:

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Even if you compare the 1800X (Thats the recomended card for ME1) to the 3450 cards on the table listed above you can see that there are a significant differences between the two. More so if you consider that the 3450 was the first card for the ATI mobile hardware that uses PCI Express, which is a big change.
In ATI cards, it's second number that counts. x4xx is budget, very weak card. While it had some generational improvements over 1800 (x8xx - high end card, through 2 development cycles earlier), it won't beat 2600 (x6xx - medium end card, basically gaming cards start here). In fact, IIRC, when it comes to budget cards, only 5450 came close to beating 2600 in games. I wouldn't use any x4xx card for gaming, they were simply not made for it.

As for PCI, pardon? First PCI express cards barely utilized that bus, AGP remained viable for 2-3 more generation of cards before dying. If something as powerful as Nvidia 9800 get fine on AGP, ATI's 3450 won't feel one iota of difference.

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I'm running a 4770 and can handily max out ME1 and 2, so a 3450 isn't going to struggle too hard when it has 8gb of ram to help it along too.

Most of the hard load goes to the CPU anyway, so graphics cards are getting less important these days.
Um, how is high end 4xxx card remotely comparable to weak 3xxx?

Also, as for load on CPU, IIRC ME1 doesn't even utilize multiple cores and any modern processor devoting whole core to it will be far faster than ME1 era processors, so, no. In fact, I seem to recall crashes were caused by multiple core problems. In fact, seeing even today the laptop processors are enough for games while laptop gaming cards struggle, I don't think there ever was time when processor was more important than graphic card, except for heavy strategy games.