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    Q&A Part 1

    "Hello everyone, we are your hosts, my name is Mir."
    "And I'm Kamome!"
    "To say, perhaps an introduction isn't needed, but Kasanip is the artist and roleplayer of this thread."
    "If this wasn't known, I would be speechless."
    "To celebrate 50 pages, 938 sketches, and almost 86,000 views, we want to say thank you very much!"
    "Thank you very much!"
    "To finish this thread, we thought to do [Q&A]"
    "So we would like to thank those who have sent PM or post such questions! Of course if more are thought about, please send a PM to Kasanip!"
    "Of course even if Kamome is an exciting host, we will maybe have surprises and interviews as well."
    "I'm so very excited! Let's begin! The first questions are from TechnOkami!"
    Quote Originally Posted by TechnOkami View Post
    Well, I have two.

    A.) What is the story behind Myr? According to what I've read, she seems to be one of the more important characters to you amongst your vast portfolio of characters, but I know little of her other than the fact that she's a Deity of sorts.
    "Oh, this is a good question! Mir is like the mother to most of us, I think. So please give us an interview!"
    "Oh my, I don't think it's fair if I answer this question. "
    "It's ok, let's go to our first Special Interview! Kasanip, as a special guest!"

    "Ee? It's the first question? Ah ha ha... writing a self interview about my characters... Isn't the seen puppeteer a failure?

    Actually it can be said that Mir is the first and best character I have played at OOTS, so she has special role, being like my [guide]. Mir was played in June/2009, to be part of the God Game [Heroes of Myth] (it was first game of [Heroes system]). I don't know why I joined the game. Somehow, it was just chosen, and actually to be so unbelievable high level, I remember, often asked my teacher and parents help for check the grammar and understand the posts.

    Mir is the [Goddess of Wisdom] from this game. She is very dear because I always took so long to write, that it was thought very carefully what to say, and so many philosophy and important and wise things that I never thought about in my life were considered. In this way, maybe Mir was also my first time to think about things like [what is the meaning of life?] or [what is our purpose in life?]. Also to think about [what is truly important?] and how to live gracefully and lovely.
    I was able to grow thanks to Mir, and Mir became very independent and a strong character (I was very surprised, because never to have played [campaign] before, only monoplay). Cooperating with other players, like Raz_Fox and Kaiser_Omnik and Armin, I very much enjoyed the time of this forum, and made some friendships.
    Mir succeeded to unite her broken family, and helped to save her world. Somehow becoming an important heroine despite my lack of ability, I was very happy. Even if game is finished, I feel Mir always nearby, especially when I am sad. Maybe it is meaning of comfort. I want to believe I am like this character. Maybe it can be said I want to be like this character."

    "Thank you very much for your kind words."
    "It was very moving! Everyone should value their character. I heard the rumor Kasanip cried when Mir said goodbye to her father in the game."
    "In some ways, this year was such a [deja vu] experience too."
    "L-Let's go to next question! This one is from TechnOkami, too!"
    Quote Originally Posted by TechnOkami View Post
    B.) Why do your avatars usually default to a green-haired girl, and who is she, I should say. A self representation perhaps?
    "Ah, that is a good question! I'm not sure I know the answer, isn't it before my time?"
    "Yes, let's go to our special guest, Tomoya (NarutoITP).

    "Thank you. Like you said Ms. Kamome, this avatar started around December/2009. Actually it is related to the [OOTS Visual Novel Project], by such members like Fri, CBS_13, Prime32, Tengu temp, and TerraOblivion (and many more!). Kasanip joined that community trying to make some friends on the forum, and discovered many wonderful and nice friends. Being accepted to the project, drawing characters, she also was able to become the character Mai Moruboh. Since characters were to be of the forum members, at this time Kasanip realized she had such a question. "What am I like?" At that time, the avatar that was used was the try of such an oots, to be a famous [that Nintendo Game] character, Saria. So, creating of Mai Moruboh character, the hair color green was chosen. It can be said that because of warm support, sketchbook thread became created next month, January/2010. So, maybe even such an identity, it was used at time.
    Even though such a project was finished, such a character, being of kasanip, has continued to be used. Probably it is such a feeling [This is who I am as member of OOTS community]. Even if of course true hair color isn't green!"

    "Oh, I see! Thank you very much Ms. Tomoya! We will take a short rest, so please watch warmly and wait for next post!"
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