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Thread: Expedition to Castle Ravenloft

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    OOC: Since no one else has said anything:

    After somebody with opposable thumbs ties up and gags Danovich, Myrddin takes him out of the church with the party and goes to the town centre. Myrddin finds Ashlyn and Rabbit (the blink dog). He scratches into the ground Keep.. him.. hidden.. and.. safe.. until.. we.. can.. talk.. to.. him.. Rabbit... come... find.. me.. if.. something.. happens... Myrddin then goes to the Bürgermeister's house and knocks on the door by headbutting it.

    Was I given a rough time frame for when the Circle will be able to contact me?

    Also, would you mind checking the player's handbook for druid spellcasting? Specifically how a druid regains their spells. It looks like the entry under 'spells' is missing that information. Thanks
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