For you, Mirrinus, anything.

Chapter 37: Week 30, Mood: Depressed
Do the Titles Get a Vote? Because We Should Love Him and Hug Him And Call Him George. (Or her, I suppose.)



Pony time!
...Nah, doesn't work. Sorry, I'll try again.

Ooh! The hunting outfit!

D'awww! We've got a puppy! We've got our own puppy, and though he'll probably never show up in this playthrough, I will be taking votes for its name.

Hey, Briony's mom!

Ok, so her brother was the guy who killed himself. I wasn't entirely clear on that before, since Intrigue doesn't bother to use things like proper names.

"Which daughter?"
...Elodie, you need to work on your lies. Where's the skill for 'lying like crazy'?

As a side note, since this is the last we'll see of her, there's no reason for us to give her a font.
So it's screenshots all the way!

Oooh, burn...? That was kind of weak. It needs a 'you think' in there or something.

Awww, she does care.
"Oh, now you care? You certainly didn't want to see me before! You haven't let me come home in ages!"

You got that right. I'm not sure I understand them...Or want to.
"I don't understand because you never tell me anything!"

The duchess sighs and embraves her daughter.

Goodbye, Briony!

Elodie will hold onto your innocence for you, since you're not getting it back.

Anyway, it's time for another weekend!