Journal Entry: July 18
Mission returned successful, but four out of the six went straight into ER. One damn near didn't make it, they were lucky. Killian Hawkeye got a commendation from Crossblade. Just two words... 'good job'. But damn if they didn't act like that was better than a presidential flacking medal.

Hey, I don't mean to knock it, after all... his first mission, and he brought back everyone in one piece... more or less. Everyone's buying him drinks. Some kind of rite of passage, I guess.

Four out of six in the body shop, and that was a good job? What the hell kind of outfit have I signed up for?

Journal Entry: July 20
UFO Contact! They sent up an interceptor and brought down the bogey. Dispatched crew.

Crew came back, one body bag. Dude, what the hell happened to Hawkeye? Looks like he got ripped in half! This was only his second mission! And he did a damn good job last mission.

They brought back two alive for questioning. One little shrimp, but the other... man was that thing big, ugly, and mean. Word is, what ripped Hawkeye a new one was even bigger and meaner. What they're calling the Berserker. Big brawler, likes using his hands.

What the hell, it's not like I'm gonna be giving it a hug. The bigger they are, the harder they fall... right? Just gives me one hell of a big target to plug.

They said that Crossblade guy killed two... with the power of his mind! Freaky, man. But hey, at least it's on our side.

Hell, I need some time on the shooting range. If that's what I got to take down, I'm gonna need to keep it fresh.

Journal Entry: Aug 3
UFO Contact. Big one this time, it seems. Most of the rankers went on this one, only one squaddie. I don't blame the CO, if we lost one on the last ship, and this one is even bigger... yea. There ain't no kill like overkill. And I got a baaaad feeling that even our rankers aren't overkill...

They came back with a few new specimens to interrogate. They also came back with Hayes barely stable, and three others in the ER. Good news is no one died this time. But man, the casualty list is racking up some impressive numbers. They don't even bother giving out purple hearts around here, everyone who is out on a mission is pretty much set to collect bad-luck souvenirs at some point.

Standard squad loadout calls for one sniper per team, and Crayons is a good one. Hell, I'll admit, he's better than I am. Part of me wonders why they bothered recruiting me. Then I take a look at the roster list currently in sick bay row, and I get this sinking feeling in the pit of my stomach. S.O.P. calls for Crossblade, two heavies, at least one support, one other either a support or assault, and one sniper. But hey, if they run out of heavies, they might pull another sniper in. After all, any warm body can hold a gun and shoot, right?

Part of me wants a shot at the action and shoot me some aliens, make my bones in the unit, and get some respect around here. The other part... is glad there's two snipers in front of me. Especially if what they're saying about those Floaters and this new and improved version they just saw this past mission is true... I might end up with an alien in my face with those dang jump packs they have. Not a place I'd care to be in.

Okay, enough of this. Time to hit the gym and do some reps.