Q&A Part 2

"Our next questions come from Private Messages! Let's relax and take these questions."
"Ahem, the first question is [What is your favorite season?], for Kasanip."
"Again? Somehow this is going to be different than what I expected."
"Well, you are the real host."
"Yes, my favorite season is Spring. Probably if it is looked through the many pages, I draw most color pictures during spring. Probably it is because mood is good in nice weather. Actually it isn't known, but I like walking and marathon and mountain climbing. Some of my characters like such an [outside atmosphere] a lot, so probably this is this reason.
But because of low blood pressure, I don't like rain and cold weather very much."
"Very interesting! Our next Private Message: [Since when did you study English?]"
"I studied English since elementary school. My parents spoke English, so often I was encouraged by my father very much. Using such a [cram school] and study hard everyday, that is the lifestyle. Now to be University Student, even though I am not very good, I can enjoy communication. Since to start to try writing and reading at OOTS, I am very happy to make such a level up!"
"I wanted to ask the next question, [Where do you want to go?]"
"I want to go to America and foreign countries very much. Making OOTS friends in many countries, I want to see all the world. Of course, I want to fly in an airplane."

"Thank you very much. Next questions are from Illven!"

"Since they are Fire Emblem questions, I will answer them!"
Audrey: "Since you never post such a sprite, please leave it to us!"

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So many questions!
Question 1: In the fire emblem games on the forum who has been your favorite character to play?
Audrey: "Probably it is me! From [Emblem of Darkness], actually my style is [Emblem of Darkness 2]. Madeline is easy to approach, but she has many frustration too."
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Question 2: What is your favorite class to use in Fire emblem?
Madeline: "Kasanip's favorite class is [Social Knight], to be useful and reliable in all situations. However, in playing Kakusei, it can be said that [Tactician] is favorite class now."
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Question 3: What was your favorite official fire emblem game so far?
Aika: "Kasanip's favorite official fire emblem game is Kakusei."
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Question 4: What is your favorite official fire emblem character so far?
Kuruppe: "Probably Lukina and Krom."
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Question 5: What other games do you enjoy?
Tallith: "Games are not played very much. Other games that were liked are [Valkyria Chronicles], [Atelier Rorona]. In summer vacation [PSO2] was enjoyed, but there is no time to play."
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Question 6: If you still remember her, in 4is111 and Niek's fire emblem game you had Shinbou a thief with a secret, what was that secret?
Shinobu: "Actually Shinobu is a shinobi. But to use [Thief] class for a theme."
"My secret is that to use [Forbidden Arts] to slay undead like vampires. Such a [Hyouku no jutsu] to mean [Possessed by Inner Wolf]. Hint is to look at eye color. The rest...is a secret!"
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Question 7: When did you start drawing?
"It was started drawing maybe 4 years ago. When being bored high school student."
"We will take a short rest, so please watch warmly and wait for next post! Of course if there are more questions, please send freely!"