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    Default Re: Iskandar's Travels in X-Com: Enemy Unknown

    Quote Originally Posted by Zain View Post
    Right, well it seems I have a nasty case of PTSD, so I think I shall Suggest that his Sister, EvaRia Smith take over (pronounced Eva-Ria)
    You might have PTSD, but I don't think it really matters until you get below forty willpower. You can still function in normal society.

    But they probably should send you home now. Might make a good asset in the military, but likely too liable to pull the trigger if they put you on the special weapons police unit, plus medical training tends to not be used on the force, nor smoke grenades.

    I think I'll sign up for a character.

    Jason/Jessica Parker
    White (not pale). For hair/helmet (if I ever get out of 15), I like 4 for men, 2 to 5 for women. Head 1 or 4 for male, 4 for female. No facial hair. Hair color blonde, but not yellow.

    I just hope I'm not a Heavy. They're definitely good, but I'd like something other than being the slow guy who misses more often than Rookies.

    Also, two Snipers can be a good setup, and while the firepower brought in by two Heavies and their rockets is good, if you ever find yourself with only one Heavy, bring in a second Sniper.
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