X-Com Commanders Log: September 15th, 2015

I've put in a request, again, to the Council to send me more Heavy weapons specialists. Due to causalities, we are down to three, and one of those is a new recruit. That is simply not acceptable, especially with the aliens relying more and more on Cyberdiscs. Injuries and fatalities are, regrettably, becoming more common, and maintaining proper squad composition is becoming difficult.

Also, it is with some regret that I am pulling both Zain Smith and Oscar McIntyre off of front line duty, effective immediately. They are beginning to show classic symptoms of PTSD, and are becoming more of a detriment to our fighting force than an asset. However, they will remain assigned to the X-Com project for the time being. Their experience should be invaluable to the new recruits we have coming in.

Also, I am becoming increasingly worried about Logan Crossblade. He has seen more combat than any other three soldiers combined, keeps walking into dangerous situations and then walking right back out unscathed. Combine that with his new "talents", and the amount of hero worship among the other soldiers is becoming a problem. If something were to happen to him, I fear the impact on base morale would be disastrous. If I could, I would promote him out of front line combat and into a staff position. However, for the moment, his experience in fighting the x-rays is too valuable to lose. I will continue to monitor his behavior, and if he keeps showing the same potentially self destructive tendencies, I will rethink my position. For the moment, I have seen to it that he is always outfitted in the best armor that we have. Dr. Shen isn't very happy over all the repair work, but it is better than the alternative.

Speaking about the new "talents", I'm still not sure how I feel about training our soldiers to be more like the aliens. On the one hand, the results are decidedly useful. On the other, every soldier who has gone through the testing has been changed in some way, and I'm not sure those changes are positive.

Hopefully this war will come to some sort of a conclusion soon. From recent surveys of alien activity, there does seem to be a definite decline.

Commander X-Com Project, personal log, end transmission