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    Default Re: God Save the Queen, Indeed: Let's Play Long Live the Queen!

    Chapter 38, Week 31, Mood: Afraid
    Creepiest Checklist Item?


    So we play with our toys. But I wasn't sure what to do with our classes... Ideally, I'd sway the tie for second class for swords. But here...Here I'm not sure. So I'll do Horses, since there's still some utility.

    Oh, here's our hunting outfit. I'll be in catsuit, for a reason.

    Utility! We can hunt! Hunting actually does a lot of things to our mood, some of which are pretty interesting.

    And we train Commander Shephard, the Novan Shepherd.

    The screen flickers.

    Yeeeahhh...An open window. Sure.

    (Her father keeps alternating between wanting a divorce and being afraid of losing his home.)

    There's an extra section at the end of the letter written in code.

    ...I'm pretty sure I shouldn't touch this, if I'm reading it correctly. Maybe I'm not?
    Oh, but I will talk about Kevan, who's apparently just a creepy, creepy guy.
    In addition to this load of creepiness, he's just sort of a rage-y guy. He hates his mom, but if we get her killed, he'll try and kill us. We don't know his feelings about Briony, but if she dies, he'll try and kill us.
    Come to that, he wanted that would-be poisoner killed, too. Part of me wonders if he doesn't just like vengence. Vengence and family members.
    For the record, 49% of the deaths in my very first playthrough were Kevan-based, so I hold a grudge.
    We haven't met the source of the other 49%...Yet. It's coming, and is what I consider "The Final Boss." It's looming pretty close...

    Oh, yeah. And we dinged a checklist item there: "Discovered a Terrible Family Secret." I think that one'd be more interesting if it were about our family.

    (No wonder she was trying to hide it. Well, I hope she'll be happier now.)
    Happy with the knowledge her family is a bag of murder and incest.

    Hunting! We could almost get to angry in two weeks with this or Sports (dropping into Depressed or Willful, respectively), if we want to train some weaponry.
    It should get us to Angry in a single week...But it doesn't. For some reason. *shrug*
    By the way, if we want to do weaponry, since I think some people are thinking about that, the most efficient way would be to do Archery and Polearms while we're not angry, and then another round while angry, and then swords, since I think Swords is everyone's favorite weapon.

    If we want to do something else, I have no particular ideas for that, since I've sort of been messing around in this file in specific ways, based on where I sense the mood of the thread going.

    Oh, yeah...Does anyone remember exactly when a certain event that isn't going to occur would happen? I know it's either this week or in the next week or two, but I'd like to give it a mention...
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