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    Well, I'm settled in and ready to go. The problem now is going to be *not* writing until Nov01.

    I decided to go with merging my #2* and #3** ideas (see earlier post). It occurred to me that each made a nigh-perfect fit for the other concept. #2 had a plot/struggle, #3 had the better world. I had to make some changes to the world for #3 to get it to work but hey - the struggle writes itself once that is done.

    One key issue right now is getting the Billy's*** power level right. He's going up against opposition with mostly physical powers so he can't be helpless in such a fight, but I don't want him winning a physical confrontation either. I also don't want his teleportation to be a free escape card; it is an escape card but I don't want it to be a casual fight ender. Right now I've got his range pegged at 100 yards but I might have to rein it even further in. Right now the TK is holding at 32lbs (I don't want him flying under his own power or throwing people around) but I'm having trouble pegging his defenses.

    So, three days to get this in the ballpark. Hopefully that prep work can keep me from cheating. Hopefully

    Footnotes spoilered

    *Essentially, this concept is inspired by my disappointment with the movies Push, Chronicle, and Jumper. I wanted to do a story where the main character is a bit of a loser who becomes psionic (TK, telepathy, teleportation, and so forth) but isn't a complete jerk / doesn't go berserk as a result of his horrible life.
    **"A Naruto-esque world, but with no eye-hax or tailed beasts". The world itself was pretty developed, but I hadn't developed characters or a plot for this world.
    ***A standard trope for me. "He'd be a protagonist if he were growing up anytime soon. He's not a good guy, not a villain, nor someone that can get away with saying they'd be a good guy if not for the world they live in. Just somebody who suddenly gets more power than he deserves, and has to figure out what to do with it."
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