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    close to 4AM Dave drifts to consciousness its still early he never really could force himself to sleep more than 8 hours he thinks hmm made it the night with a breeding fest next store maybe I'm not as puke prone as I thought he rolls over to stare at the ceiling and sees 3 masses poking out of the sleeping bag on top of him the first he recognizes as growler and the second as another meowth he assumes is Bastet aww he was lonely and wanted to spend some time with his sister thinks Dave he then tries to make out the 3rd mass in the dark silhouetted against the ceiling it was plain and round is that an egg? but I gave mueki the psyduck egg where did this one come from? his eyes dart to the meowth's but that would mean... uh oh "OFF QUICK!" shouts Dave just before he is forced to cover his mouth suddenly all the mons in the room are awake and the meowth's grab their egg and leap off the bed as Dave rolls out and scrambles for the door, slams into it as he finds it swings inward not outward, loudly rushes through the hall to bathroom and slams the door behind him making it to a toilet or drain just in time.
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