after cleaning himself up Dave trudges back to his room "sorry about that" he says to the mons "and congratulations I'll make sure it gets to the mueki she's good with eggs" Dave recalls the mons gets dressed and takes the egg to the breeding center not finding Mueki there Dave heads to the gyms pokeball workshop and looks at the bag of broken balls. Repairing a ball was a mentally tasking job and Dave was beginning to fall behind he needed a way to catch up so after he tries to repair Blakes dusk ball he starts breaking the standard ones apart for good parts
repair dusk(1d20+6)[24]

salvage basic(1d20+6)[25]
salvage basic(1d20+6)[26]
salvage basic(1d20+6)[25]
salvage basic(1d20+6)[19]
salvage great(1d20+6)[22]
salvage ultra(1d20+6)[10]
salvage ultra(1d20+6)[23]
salvage ultra(1d20+6)[14]