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Hmm. Tough one. When it comes to painting, material selection is important, so he may have picked up something as part of that.

Ok I'll pay it. Skill and job apply.

Heck. You might even be able to mount an argument for special purpose too.
Sweet. As for special purpose, I'd say it falls under "showing what makes things special" pretty easily. After all, in order to show what makes something special, he has to be able to discover what makes something special himself. For materials, what makes them special is their blend of properties; tensile strength, washability, how it handles the heat, density, etc. All of them blend together to create what really makes that material unique. Thus, as he walks through the train cabins, he's not really browsing materials, he's browsing unique mixes of physical properties to find just the right flavor to save their griffon ally.

I'm going to go ahead and roll, because I don't think he really needs more bonuses at this point, and I've held things up long enough. Just read this first and decide whether or not it'd apply, then go see if the check failed or not.