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It is possible that the canyon was not always called Windy Canyon. There a whole family of illusionists and a epic founder with there main line of defense being misdirection. They might do a big spell to misdirect or rename.
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Well again, I stand by my point that the only paladin that actually knew the location of the gate as being Windy Canyon was Soon himself. Given that he is a paladin and has sworn to leave Girard's gate alone, he'd have no reason to tell anyone the name of the canyon itself.

So if the only thing that gets passed down is the coordinates themselves, that's all the paladins would have to go off of.
I agree with both of you. with soon dead, the sapphire guard has no other informations except the coordinates, and no way of locating the gate.
I just say I find strange that girard believed he could fool soon (remember, he was expecting soon to come knocking at his door in less than 3 months!) that way.

The idea that the canyon was just another nameless place and was named in the last 60 years would explain that. soon would have been able to track the gate only if he could ask around for windy canyon