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    Default Re: Maquise's Drawings (I take Character Requests) - Please Comment!

    I would 99% likley try to make stats just to get some Awesome Artwork

    Oh yeah, If you're Still taking requests:


    The Creature Standing before you at first appears to be a Lizardfolk , But the Subtle Diffrances Make themselves known.
    One of the First things that You see is a Killer Claw on Each of his feet, While His claw Gleam in the light
    His Tail Ends In a bony, Scythe Shaped protrusion, with Small drop-lits of Acid falling from its tip, And A Poison Sac Is Just before it (Think Wyrven Tail)
    His Head however, Has Many sharp, Bone Spikes running the length of his back, down to the Tip of his tail.

    How complicated/Too complicated is it?
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    Dragons are, or should be, one of the most "Paranoid, optimized, overcautious" things in a campaign. Racial memory, long lives, spellcasting, a bunch of powers, always some group of mere mortals looking to kill them... if your Adventurers are of the Paranoid Contingency types, your Dragons should be 10 times as much.

    Extended Sig, Really needs arts.